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Mia Kerin’s film tells the story of a lonely cowgirl who wakes from dreaming about a fantasy princess and then embarks on an IRL journey to find her. Kerin, playing the cowgirl, sets out across the vast American wilderness on a slapstick road trip of desire and self-discovery.

She first heard the song after 20 days locked down in her apartment. “It seems to be somewhat about longing for someone,” she says. “I had so much time to build up my fantasies and I spent a fair amount of that watching porn, fetish videos, and talking about sex with my friends. I expected after 20 days of isolation to have some kind of explosive reaction to other people, but unexpectedly I’ve only ended up enjoying being by myself even more. It makes me happy.” 

In ‘Roadkill’, Matty Healy sings, “You, I’ve been waiting for you/ My whole life, waiting for you/ I’ve been waiting for you.” But what if the one you’ve been pining for isn’t who you thought they were?

At the end of her trip, cowgirl Kerin lassos her object of desire, but things don’t play out quite how she’d hoped. Sometimes you find that person you’ve been looking for and they smash eggs in your hair, they humiliate you. The world has a dark sense of humour like that.

“It’s humiliating to expect a lot out of anyone and not get it,” she says. “But it’s also relaxing to have absolutely no control over others and take the backseat. I can’t tell you what’s happening in my life but having a bunch of eggs smashed on my head helped me understand a recent experience all for the better. And to put it simply, I just love getting messy.”

Humiliated, slumped in a messy heap at the cruel princess’s feet, she’s left to fantasize forever after. If you go on a long journey, you never know what you’ll find along the way; and the greatest parts of a journey are often when you’re alone with your fantasies, with time to explore them in depth.


Shot by Joshua Michael Paulin and John Shafto 

VFX Joey Tuzzolino

Production Assistant Claire McClusky




12 — Mia Kerin responds to ‘Roadkill’

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Mia Kerin responds to ‘Roadkill’