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"With the video for Heart Out I wanted to return to the classic performance scene. I love a good performance video and wanted to try my hand at creating something that represented my grandeur and slightly deluded sense of self, whilst also adhering to the simplistic rules of a performance. The video is about narcissism, belief and delusion in equal measure. It represents how antiquated and romanticized visions of past and future shed a blazing light on the present and in turn provoke a self-analysis that soon shifts from the material to the ideological. 

"It was in this state of excitement and obsession where the ‘Heart Out’ video was born. Obviously I can delve into the artistic vision of the video - what it means to me, the subtext and my own emotional investment within it - but in doing so I fear defacing what the video truly is about, at face value. It’s a bunch of kids who think they’re rockstars. And… They are. x." 

Matthew Healy